Documentary and Lifestyle Sessions

What is Documentary and Lifestyle Family Photography?

Documentary Sessions are meant to capture the real moments in your everyday life.  There is no posing or directing during these sessions. I do not bring extra lighting or props, I just photograph as I see things unfold.  I am simply capturing life as it happens in your home.  These sessions produce true storytelling images.

 With these sessions:

  • I like to be there during key moments during your day (morning routine, bedtime routine, dinner time to bedtime etc.)  I can help you choose the best time for you.
  • Just be yourself.  You do not need to clean or make your home perfect.
  • These sessions are not meant to be perfect, they are meant to tell your story.

Below are some samples of some lifestyle sessions:

The Gourlie Girls

"It's 1am and I'm just going to bed . I checked my email and now I have tears streaming down my face. 
I seriously am loving every minute that I get to be a mom. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for capturing the joy I feel everyday. Yes there are definitely hard moments or days but these photos/video I will cherish for the rest of my life. 
You are simply amazing Shannon. I have loved every photo you took of my family but this last session just might be my favourite.
I love you friend! You are so talented at what you do and anyone would be blessed to have you in their home to take photos of their day to day life." 
Carmen Gourlie.

A day with the McTighe’s

"These are the first set of pictures that made me cry when I opened them.  There are some real gems in there that I will treasure forever."
"I appreciated that you didn't take pictures only when the kids are smiling."
"Thanks again for this opportunity.  I can truthfull say it will be something that I would like to do with you again" 
McKinley McTighe

Megan, Nick & Declan